Friday, July 1, 2011

The Wall Of Fame (...why everyone needs a Kathleen...)

In the past eleven years the hubby and I have moved around quite a bit. We have lived in our house for five years and I'm still staring at blank walls. Sometimes I think we forget that Indy is not a temporary stop and that we're here for the long haul. It was time to make a change. I called on my favorite crafty neighbor Kathleen who has a natural knack for knowing how to magically transform a space. In the end my part of this transformation was minimal. I handed out hammers, nails and tape and confirmed that things were straight. I couldn't be more happy with the results! You should all be SO jealous that you don't have a Kathleen!!!

Here is our blank boring wall:
...and here's what it looks like now...
I love EVERYTHING about it. Since it is not an easily accessible wall, I wanted pieces that didn't have to be changed regularly. For that reason I chose not to do too many photographs.

The first piece we hung was the large chalkboard (a hand-me-up from Kathleen). It's an old art piece that she found at an estate sale. She painted the frame and covered the print in chalkboard paint. It's perfect because not only is it large and takes up a good portion of the wall, but it's the first thing you see when coming down the stairs-a perfect spot for a good morning message, words of encouragement or even friendly reminders.

My polaroid heart comes from Paper Coterie. I had the opportunity to review their beta site before launch and as a "thank you" I received this wonderful canvas print. Not only is it perfect for displaying all my favorite photos but it comes on adhesive canvas so no frame needed which is perfect if you're a commitment-phob like me, you can just move it around without putting a ton of holes in your wall.
The large "M" came from my home-away-from-home Jo-anns...yep, you guessed it-totally used a coupon so I got it for only $5.
The bronze keys were a birthday gift from Kathleen and I was super excited to find a place to showcase them!
The birdcage was another Goodwill find. I originally planned on spray painting it, but it wasn't necessary. I think it was only $2.99-such a steal!
The canvas painting was the result of one of my many Wine and Canvas nights! As if I could turn down the opportunity to paint birds! The "M" and the canvas were both hung with my favorite Command Strips which made getting them to unreachable heights much easier.

I'm so happy with the end result! It makes our entryway so much more inviting. It's also given me inspiration to work on the 500 other walls in my house that are naked!

What's your secret for transforming the blank walls in your house? Do you have a Kathleen? Do you pull inspiration from magazines or things you have pinned? Do you roam the streets looking for open houses to check out their home decor? Or are you a Kathleen yourself and you can do this with your eyes closed?

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