Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Rare Occurance

It's like finding a $20 bill in your pocket or all your children napping at the same time....A DAY ALONE IN THE HOUSE!!!

My WONDERFUL hubby has a jam-packed day 'o fun planned for him and the girls and I'm taking full advantage!

My to-do list?

  • laundry
  • sewing
  • spray painting
  • crafting
  • grocery list making
  • organizing
  • laundry
  • picture framing
  • weed pulling
I know it seems like a lot, but when you don't have to break up fights, feed hungry children, assist with dress-up clothes, find lost Polly Pocket accessories, encourage sharing and help "bored" children find something to do you can actually get things done!

Hope you all have a wonderful and productive weekend!

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