Sunday, March 6, 2011

Command It!

I'm seriously in love and addicted to Command strips and hangers. They are awesome! I love that they are so commitment free. You stick them on and then when you get the urge to rearrange...and lets face it, most of us crafties get the urge to redecorate just pull them down. No nail holes to patch up!

And now that they have expanded their line there are so many choices! I really like these decorative hooks.
I have a few attached to my crafty table to hold my scissors.
And a few in my kitchen for my aprons.
Look how creative you can be with them. This person used them to hold up curtain rods!
The smaller ones are great for jewelry.
I've have quite a few in my laundry room holding up brooms, mops, plastic bags and other odds and ends. They are an organizational dream!

 These organizers would be great under a kitchen or bathroom sink.

They even have a few WATER PROF ideas!!!

They also have a line of picture hanging hooks that I'm eager to try!

Their claim is that it will hold up to 5 pounds! I have a few blank walls in my house that I've been wanting to decorate. I've been hesitant to starting pounding holes in my newly painted walls, but thanks to Command I no longer have to be afraid!

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