Friday, April 8, 2011

Girls Nite Out

This past Wednesday was Girls Nite and where do crafty Mamas go for GNO? Wine and Canvas of course! I've been going to their events occasionally the past year and it never disappoints. It combines crafty and wine, how could it not be a super fun night???

The concept is simple. Several nights every month there is a particular painting that a local artist will teach the group how to paint. Everyone paints the same piece. For $35 you get three hours of instruction, a 16x20 canvas, and all the supplies needed to create your masterpiece. They host events at local restaurants and also in their own studio.

The teacher stands at the front and gives step-by-step instructions.
They use acrylic paint which is great because once it dries you can paint over it and fix your mistakes. This is very important when combining painting and wine drinking.

First we painted the background.
I love how even though we are all painting the same picture, all our paintings are different.

Once the background was dry we started on the birds. (Towards the end the instructor went REALLY fast so there wasn't much time for  pictures).

By the end of the night we had four wonderful wall-worthy paintings ready to take home.

*Wine and Canvas is currently only in the Indianapolis and Oklahoma City areas, but similar business are popping up everywhere. Check you area and get ready for a great time!

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