Friday, May 20, 2011

Do You Pinterest?

There's been quite a lot of buzz in blogger land about Pinterest and it's my new obsession! I do admit that I was a little bit overwhelmed when first introduced. Honestly it looked too complicated which couldn't be further from the is so amazingly easy to use!

Do you rip out pictures in magazines of your favorite crafty, decoration or food ideas? Do you bookmark a million different sites because you like an idea they have? Yes and yes? Than you are totally going to LOVE Pinterest.

As you surf the web each day you can "pin" the ideas and creations you like. Pinterest organizes them for you and puts them all in one place. Connect with your friends through Pinterest and share your pins. You can even add a "pin it" button to your tool bar in your web browser making it totally easy, peasy, lemon, squeezy!
Here are a few things that I recently "pinned"...

Wouldn't this be so sweet over a baby crib?
This is perfect for a bridal shower or a Mother's Day brunch.
I'm totally going to be hunting for rain boots on my next Goodwill trip!
Perfect for the playroom! What an inexpensive and  great way to display your child's artwork. It would also work in a home office.
Planning a wedding? There is a whole category dedicated to you. Everything from hairstyles to party favors and EVERYTHING in between. This would be amazing for an outdoor reception. 
And for your next party...strawberry margarita jello shots...
Seriously it's totally addicting...this post has taken me FOREVER because I keep "pinning" all my favs! For a great tutorial on Pinterest and an immediate access to the site click {HERE}.


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  1. OK, so I finally joined the Pinterest world today. What a cool site by the way! I am stunned at how many of my recipes are out there and pinned by complete strangers! It makes me so happy but also freaks me out a little bit. :)