Monday, July 11, 2011

Make Over Your Monday

Welcome to Monday! For those of you new to us, every Monday I present a challenge or task. The goal is to start our week off on the right foot and do a little good along the way.

Our challenge two weeks ago (we took last week off because of the 4th of July) was to do something for someone with out them knowing. How did it go? I'm sure there are lots of happy people out there thankful for the random acts of kindness they received.

The challenge this week is less specific, to let things go.

It's time for a little mental house keeping. Don't focus on the things that bring your down, fight the urge to always be right...don't let the negative things take up any more space in your life! You'll feel better when you do!

**We'll check back in two weeks. I'm planning a super fun THEME week for next week! So excited!!!

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