Sunday, July 31, 2011


I think I have a bit of a nail polish addiction. Before children (I find I start many sentences with that phrase...apparently I did a lot before my girls) I would give myself manicures and pedicures almost daily. I love the look of freshly painted toenails. My favorite polish brand is OPI. They can be a bit pricy, but their colors are fresh, bright and last for a long time. They also have great names like Pinking of You, You Don't Know Jacques, Call My Cell-ery and Eiffel For This Color. I think that being the OPI nail-polish-namer would be the best job ever!!!

My current top 3 OPI colors are:

Lincoln Park After Dark
Do You Think I'm Tex-Y?
Teenage Dream (from the Katy Perry line)

Their newest polish is their shatter line. It's a colored top coat that gives your nails a crackled look. It comes in black, white, sliver and a few other colors. I was definitely intrigued!

It's supposed to look like this:
Mine came out more like this (granted I have short and stubby nails):
Not quite like the picture...I still can't decide if I put too little or too much on. My toes came out a little bit better...You're going to have to take my word because I couldn't get a decent picture of my square Fred Flintstone feet...

Like with most things I think you need to practice. There are a few pointers I'd like to share.

  • It dries REALLY fast so don't try putting on too thin of a layer. I did that at first and it dried before I could color my whole nail.
  • Use contrasting colors and make sure your base coat is completely dry before putting on the shatter.
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • The shatter has a matte finish, a shiny topcoat helps a lot.
Overall I really like the shatter, and so do my girls. I can't wait to try it with all my colors!

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