Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Super Easy Window Cornice

For a while now I've been wanting to make window cornices for our family room, but I really didn't want to use wood...that's just too much for me. Then you'd need nails, a hammer and most likely a saw of some sort AND someone to help you hang the darn thing. So I did what I always do...I googled it and found this great project that doesn't require sewing OR any sort of handy work! It was perfect for me!

I built my cornices with foam and a joke that is all it took! The best part is that they are easy to re-do so when I get bored with the fabric I chose I can take them down and easily change it!

The detailed instructions can be found on the DIY Network website and the supplies were purchased at Lowes, Hobby Lobby and Jo-ann Fabric.

You will need "L" brackets and foam insulation (both can be found at Lowes):
**Lowes was the ONLY place that I found insulation that was cut in usable panels (like in the picture above) instead of one HUGE 4ftx8ft sheet. The sheet insulation will work but it involves much more cutting and is really hard to fit in your car**

You will also need U Pins that are easy to find at your local craft store:

The fabric and cotton batting were both purchased at Jo-ann Fabric and Craft Store. The fabric I chose is from the home decor section but a cotton print would work well too.

**My only alteration to the original instructions is this: Pin the batting and fabric separately. The first time I followed the instructions exactly and I had a hard time getting the fabric tight. It was much easier when I pinned the batting and then pinned the fabric over it.

These are hanging over my family room window:

And these are in our bedroom. I bought an extra curtain panel and used it for the cornice. Our ceiling is vaulted in our bedroom and I was worried that using a print would make the wall appear smaller. I love how it turned really elongates the room.

There are so many possibilities and because the fabric is pinned you can change it whenever you feel the need! You would never know that these are make out of foam. A great project for a snowy winter day!


  1. My quality of life would have been so much better had I known you could buy pre-cut foam! And, I would still have a sharp carving knife.

  2. I know Erin! It wasn't until I did the second set that I found the smaller sheets. It was quite an ordeal getting the 4ftx8fx sheet in the back of my van!

  3. This is SO easy, even I could do it! I have plans to make more!!

  4. Of course, cornices really adds beauty to the whole room. The only thing I'm worried about is the print and fabric that you're going to use for the cornice's cover. The fabric and print should be versatile that it can work with other curtains that you already have at home or else, it'll be just another expense, right? Tiffany Larsen

    1. If you already have curtains in the room you're putting the cornices in then yes, I would make sure the cornice fabric will match. The beauty of the cornices is that they aren't glued or stapled so you can reuse the fabric for other things if you get bored and want to change things up!