Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My baby turns 5!

I'm not sure how it happened...I keep checking the calendar and doing the math...there is no way my baby is 5!

It seems like only yesterday that she was this tiny 6lb, 2oz pink bundle who didn't fit in any of her clothes...

Flash forward 5 years and now she is all grown up!

We've already outgrown the princess phase and have moved on to bigger and better things...as I write this she is in her room rocking out to "Party In the USA"...she says things like "google it"..."texting" is part of her vocabulary...she can recognize Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift not only in pictures but by their voices too...it really doesn't seem possible for her to actually be turning 5.

I still want to think of her like this...

and this...

I know she can't stay my baby forever but I did make her double pinky swear that she will ALWAYS snuggle me. She also told me that she will buy the house next door to ours so I can tuck her in each night and snuggle her whenever I want (I also made her sign a legal contract so there's no backing out when she turns 13!).

In honor of her 5th birthday I have composed a list of 5 things I love about her:

1. Her infectious laugh-It can turn even your worstest days bright! She just gets her giggles going and there is no stopping them!

2. Her snuggles-I get to snuggle her every night! It's my favorite time of day and the time when I get the most information from her. We always share the best part of our day and if anything made us sad, mad or angry. It's the time of day where the sillies are gone and she is open and honest-LOVE IT!

3. She loves medical stuff and asks LOTS of questions-I'm a nurse so of course this makes me so proud. For Christmas this year she got two human body books. She wants to know what everything is called and what it looks like. She loves the details and I love sharing them with her.

4. She speaks up for herself. This one makes me so proud because it's something I don't always do. She knows what is right and will stand up for herself and others. It's a quality I respect in her and do my best to encourage and praise her for.

5. It appears she has the crafty gene!!! She loves to draw and create. She made me promise to save my first sewing machine for her so she can have it when she is 8. I am hoping she loves it as much as I do and look forward to our own crafty nights!

So with tears in my eyes today I wish Logan Lage Murray (our LoLa) a VERY happy 5th birthday!!! I LOVE YOU NOODLE!


  1. What a great post! Hope that she and mommy have a wonderful day!

  2. Happy Birthday Lola! I still remember babysitting you when you were a little baby so mommy and daddy could go out and have a cocktail!

  3. i love this post! I hope you had a wonderful day together...

  4. AWWW! So sweet! You are an amazing mommy to a great little girl. I hope you had a great day together. I look forward to seeing all the pink Barbie stuff you are working on tomorrow night.