Monday, January 31, 2011

5 Minute-Super Easy-No Sewing Required-Minimal Supplies Crafty For Your Monday Morning!

If your family is anything like mine you've got a million different activities, commitments and places to be each day.

If you're anything like me, you forget them if they are not staring you in the face.

To keep us on track we keep a white dry-erase board by our back door.

It reminds us to take out the trashcans on trash day, to bring the cookies we baked for school, to bring our lunches to work and about a hundred other things each day.

This is our new, updated dry-erase board:
It's an glass picture frame with fabric inside instead of a picture. You could also use pretty paper from your local craft store. No sewing, hot-gluing or stapling required.

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  1. This is SUPER easy!! I made one for our kitchen. I used scrapbook paper. If I ever get a picture of it, I'll share it with you!!