Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crafty for the Self-Proclaimed Non-Crafty

I hear from a lot of people..."but I'm not crafty like you..."

NO EXCUSES PEOPLE!!! I know I go overboard on the crafty but that doesn't mean you have to too! There are so many low-key crafty ideas.

Today was a crazy day with dentist appointments, errands and a dirty messy house. Like all moms I'm a HUGE fan of bribery and I love that I can use art projects as a bribe!

Today's bribe was a painting project in exchange for Mommy's sanity.

I try to keep art supplies on hand. You can usually find the basics wherever you do your marketing.

I picked up these at Wal-mart.

My girls love any project that involves the possibility of getting messy!

My oldest loves the paint your own pottery stores, but they can get pricey and this project cost about $5 per child. (An added bonus is that you get to stay at home in your jammies while your kids paint...I sure do love my jammies!!!)

I love her focus and concentration!

I didn't hear her say one word for almost 20 minutes (that NEVER happens!).

My monkey tried to see how much paint she could layer on one piece. She wasn't as quiet but she stayed in one place for 20 minutes and that NEVER happens!!! (It was a crafty miracle!)

We are hoping all her paint will be dry in two weeks!

They were so proud of their finished projects and can't wait to put them in their rooms!

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