Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Crafty Carriage

It's been ridiculously cold here...

Not just cold...

VERY cold...

Negative degree cold...

Which means we stay inside and keep warm...

Today the natives were restless...

So we were crafty!

This was a gift from our most wonderful friend and caretaker Miss A. We heart her very much! She takes such good care of the girls and our family. I seriously don't know how we'd survive without her!!!

This is what she gave the girls for Christmas:
It's a cardboard playhouse that is in the shape of a princess carriage AND you get to color it!!!

The girls LOVE it!!!

We've had it put together for quite awhile.

Today they got to color it!

Each girl was assigned their own two sides. It was fun to see how their minds worked.

Lo took the "coloring" approach:

NoJo was more into decorating her sides:

It was a great cold day activity!!!

***So later that afternoon I was shopping at Cost Plus World Market and came across this:

It's on sale for $10. Click here for the info. It's only available in stores but it's a great deal!!! And for my Indy friends...they had quite a few at the Keystone/116th Store.

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