Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My colors are blush and bashful...

Pink was our signature color and what little girl doesn't love pink?

When we were planning a birthday party for my oldest there was much discussion. January in Indiana doesn't leave you many options. It was VERY important to my daughter that she invite all her friends and all the pre-K children from school. She was very worried that kids would be upset if they were left out.

I love her big heart!

Our compromise was that if she had it at our house she could invite as many girls as she wanted. We did a double pinkie swear and a party was born. We decided on a Barbie "Slumber Party." The quotes mean that it had all the fun of a sleep over party without the actual sleeping over!

We first started with the invitation:

These are by Invite Delight Too and they are awesome! She has hundreds of invites on her Etsy site to choose from. You pick your design and then email her the party details. In about 24 hours she emails you your invitation as a digital file. You then take your picture to your favorite photo place and make as many copies as you'd like. You also get your choice of 4x6 or 5x7. It was so easy! I was so happy I stumbled on her site!

So the party plan was to have everyone come over for our mock slumber party, watch a movie, eat lots of junk food and have tons of fun. By party day we had 22 who had RSVP'd yes!!!

The decorations were my favorite part! The "new" Barbie logo is her profile. I LOVE it! Such an easy thing to replicate. I printed a few off of the internet and used my scanner to make them the size that I wanted. We had Barbie profiles everywere!

On the front door:

In picture frames on the crafty and snack tables:

And on the adorable necklaces we gave as party favors:

I made these necklaces with supplies from Annie Howes, another Esty favorite of mine. I love her stuff! She has great beginner kits for making necklaces, glass magnets and more. I bought her "discount" glass for these and it was amazing. I really expected there to be tons of imperfections but it was hard to find any. She also sells the chains in a variety of different colors. You could even make them with a photo. The possibilities are endless.

I bought these great drawstring bags in the wedding section of Hobby Lobby and I instantly had our "goodie bags" done!

We decided to keep the pink theme with our food. We had pink and white marshmallows, pretzels dipped in white chocolate and covered in hot pink sprinkles, pink and white circus cookies and just the pink & red Starburst.

And what's a party without crafts?!?!? (Please note the manicure station in the back)

Each girl got to decorate her very own Barbie dress.

Here is our resident model Cha-Cha showing off the before:

And her she is in her new totally bedazzled outfit created by Lo:

The girls had a lot of fun designing them!

We also had a manicure station and a coloring station too. The girls went to each station while they were watching the movie...Barbie Fashion Fairytale.

Our living rooms is pretty small and certainly not big enough to hold 22 girls and all their pillow-pets so we moved ALL our furniture out and put mattresses down instead. It made for a comfortable spot for the girls to watch a movie.

The cupcakes were easy...strawberry cake with strawberry frosting. Pink and pink.

We ended the evening with a round of freeze dance to the ever popular and 5-year-old favorite..."Party in the USA."

It was a fabulous party and I think all the girls had a great time. Especially the guest of honor!


  1. what a great idea and super cute!!

  2. My girls had a ball- it got a thumbs up as one of the best parties they have ever been to!