Monday, February 4, 2013

The Long Run Diaries-Week 7

When I woke up yesterday morning for my long run this is what I found...
...and this is what I looked like...
To run in this ridiculously cold weather I needed the following: 
  • jogging bra x2 (not because of the weather...b/c I'm still nursing GG) 
  • Thick long-sleeve dri-fit shirt
  • Shell
  • running tights
  • running pants
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • dri-fit running underwear
  • 1 pair of gloves
  • 1 pair of mittens to wear over gloves
  • full face mask
  • dri-fit running beanie
Additional items
  • Camelbak water pack w/ insulated tube
  • Yaktrax
  • Honey Stingers Waffle Bars
  • iPhone and ear buds 
  • Money incase I need a drink or snack along the way
PHEW! Cold weather running is high maintenance!!! 

So week 7 was definitely NOT a taper week and definitely came with it's own set of issues. I had a lot of technical difficulties this week! The biggest issue was that our treadmill was, and still is, out of lubricant for the belt. It won't work without it making my mid-week runs harder to get in. It's been ordered and hopefully it will be delivered in the next few days. The weather does not look too favorable for outdoor running with a jogging stroller (as far as I know they don't make Yaktrax for strollers) and I REALLY don't want to run at the Y again. If I have to run on the tready I want to do it in my house in front of my own TV.

So...this week's long run...

Distance: 14 miles
Total Time: 2:32:00
Pace: 10:51

My running partner was out of town this weekend so I was running solo. Despite the low temps the weather really wasn't too much of an issue. Luckily I was warm enough and there was little wind. My biggest problems were with my accessories...listening to Pandora sucked my phone battery dry and I was without music for the last 8 miles and my water tube was kinked or something. I didn't have water for most of the run and wasted quite a bit of time trying to fix it. It finally started working towards the end of the run which made the last 4 miles much, much better. Overall it was a pretty good run. I could definitely feel that I had gotten stronger and I didn't have any belly issues. I got up two hours before I planned on leaving and had a bowl of Muesli, I wanted to make sure I gave it plenty of time to digest. I had a Gatorade Prime 30 minutes before I left. It was a great combination. I didn't feel full or heavy. I make sure I ate small pieces of the waffle bars every few miles and drank water when I could. Once I got home I had another bowl of Muesli, a Gatorade Recover (so gross) and took another electrolyte pill. I felt tired but not exhausted most of the day. 

Later in the evening I got a migraine and had to call it a night. I'm guessing it was from the lack of water on my run but it's hard to say. I get them occasionally so it could have been completely unrelated to the run.

So glad to have another successful week done! I really appreciate all the encouragement and suggestions you've been sending me! Your kind words keep me moving along!

Thanks for checking in!

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