Sunday, February 17, 2013

Remembering To Say "Thank You"

It seems as we become more and more dependent on computers, smart phones, and i-whatevers, the written word becomes less and less. I'm just as guilty as the next, but one area I do not think technology has a place, is in the thank you note. Personally, I think if someone takes the time to do something nice for you, you have the time to write them a handwritten note letting them know how much you appreciate it. When the girls were younger we allowed their thank yous to be in the form of a picture, and as they got older we gradually increased the amount of actual words. First we started with a simple "thank you" and now that they can write, full thank you notes with actual sentences are required. They still like to include pictures too which is always a nice touch.

For the past two years Lo has been a Daisy Girl Scout and when anyone thinks of Girl Scouts their mind instantly goes to cookies!!! She's been a great little seller and even though she had LOTS and LOTS of customers, she was still responsible for thanking everyone. Last year we went with a simple "thank you" photo showing her with all her cookies and her incentive she earned for selling over a certain amount. She attached this picture to each cookie bundle for each of her customers. They were a huge hit!
This year she was another great little sales girl and again had LOTS of customers to thank. We decided that since she is in 1st grade now she needed to write a proper thank you note. This is what she designed (sorry for the awful picture...the real file was to large to post)
It was super easy to make and only cost us about $0.09 each! First she wrote her note and drew her picture. Then I traced her letter with a Sharpie so that it was easier to read. I scanned the whole note and saved it as a JPEG file. Once it was all saved I just had to download it to our local Meijer Photo store and it was ready in less than an hour! 

I love her pictures, the hedgehog especially, and how she spelled Trefoils-so cute!

What kind of creative ways do you have your kids express their thanks? Shout 'em out! We can never have too much gratitude!!!


  1. For all of my girl's birthdays, I take a photo of them with their guest after they open that guests gift. They put that in the 'thank you' card. We use to do Polaroids but they discontinued the instamatic film!

    Sophie is 15 and we still do this!

  2. I love that idea. When the girls do their thank you pictures they always include a picture of themselves wearing/playing/enjoying their gift! One year we had a huge group of girls and we included the group picture in their thank you note.