Saturday, January 12, 2013

Yaktrax...a MUST for winter running!

We've had a weird winter here in Indy. One day we're getting tons of snow and the next it's melting because the sun is out and then it freezes and everything is icy. I can't keep up!

Two weeks ago we got a huge amount of snow and the temperature dropped to 2 degrees with the windchill (funny story...for my first two years living in Boston I thought it was called the "windshield factor" and NO ONE ever corrected me!). Of course it was a long run day and the roads and sidewalks were completely full of ice and snow. I had already slipped and fell on the ice the previous week (thinking that I broke my wrist at first) and I was determined not to have a repeat spill. I called our local running store, Blue Mile, and asked them if they had anything I could put on my shoes to prevent slipping on the ice and snow. They recommended Yaktax and they seriously are the best thing EVER!

They just slip over your running shoes (or any shoes for that matter) and you're good to go! I like that they are coiled. I feel like they won't wear down as much as spikes would. They have a few different "styles" to choose from. I went with the Pros. They also have ones made for running, but they said "they can be worn in temperatures as low as 41 degrees" and I'm going to be running in temps much colder than that!

So far I've run in them three times and haven't had any problems. I can tell they are there but they don't seem to effect my stride or pace. You do have to be careful on slick surfaces, like if you put them on inside where there's tile or on a slippery garage floor, but other than that they are AWE-SOME!

With all the miles ahead of me this winter I know I'm going to be so glad that I have them!

*These are just my thoughts and opinions. Yaktrax has never heard of me and didn't not pay or compensate me in anyway. I was just happy to find a great product and wanted to share!*

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