Friday, February 1, 2013

I Had A Loose Tooth...A Wiggly, Giggly Loose Tooth

Lo has had a very, wiggly, giggly tooth. It was driving me nuts! ALL WEEK I have been BEGGING her to let me pull it. At one point I offered her $3 dollars to let me pull it, but she wasn't having it! How it stayed in this long I have no idea, I'm pretty sure it was just propped up by the two teeth next to it. She desperately wanted it to fall out at school so she could get the special tooth box from the school nurse. Every day this week she asked her teacher to go see the nurse, but each time she was told, "the tooth isn't ready." Last night during horseback riding lessons I guess Lo had enough, she just went in an yanked it right out. Right there mid-posting trot. I don't think she really planned it out because there she was with a tooth in one hand and the reins in the other not really sure what to do next. She was so excited she just hopped down off the horse and ran to give me her tooth-I think because she knew I'd be more excited than she was! 

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