Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Imy's Joy=My Joy

Our house is in a constant state of redecoration...I get bored looking at the same walls day after day. We've had a big blank way in our entry way for quite awhile now. It's right by a taller dresser so it needed something big for balance. As much as I don't like blank spaces I am a firm believer in waiting for the perfect piece. Inspiration will come...eventually. 

At the beginning of the month a great crafty destination opened in our town. Best of What's Around is crafty girls dream. It's full of repurposed, refurbished furniture, handmade clothes and tons of wall decorations and vintage knick-knacks. The best part? It's all LOCAL crafty gals and it's all handmade!!! My good friend Erin from Lois Pearl Designs has a wonderful corner of her goodies there (and you can even see my girls on the wall showing off their favorite Lois Pearl outfits). Seriously, it's an awesome place and if you're near Indy you need to check it out!!! You can find their address and hours {HERE}.

So back to my blank wall....I found a few quick, rare alone shopping minutes and stopped by Best of What's Around and I found the most perfect item for my big blank wall. The magnetic board in the picture is from Imy's Joy. When I saw it I KNEW I had to have it!!! It was the perfect color and size (it's hard to tell in the picture but it's 29"x 23") for the spot! I also love that it gives me some flexibility. I can change what I hang on it daily or hourly if that's what I feel like!
Imy's Joy also has tons of other items too, lots of signs with inspirational quotes on them and pretty things to hang on your wall. There was a super cute chalkboard menu planner for the wall that I really liked too. It would be perfect for our kitchen and would definitely cut down on the "MOM! What's for dinner??!?!" shouts I get every night.

What's your favorite handmade crafty designer? Do you have a place like BWA where you are? Shout em' out! We want to support them too!

Have a great Tuesday and thanks for checking in!!!

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