Sunday, February 3, 2013

Aleida's Challenge-January

Last month I told you about Aleida's Challenge (read more about it {HERE} and {HERE}) and how I was taking it on. I wanted to share with you the pictures I took of me and the kids (somehow Noa did not make any of the Mommy pics, but I did get a ton of her by herself...hmmmm gotta work on that...). Despite the fact there are only 3 pictures for the month, it's a HUGE improvement. It wouldn't have been uncommon for a whole month's worth of picture not to include me at all. Clearly I still  need to be better about handing over the camera, but I'm proud of my progress. These pics were taken with the front camera on my phone and as you can see they're not too great. I know the point isn't to have fabulous pictures, but it would be nice to have a few that aren't completely fuzzy! 

So how did you do on the challenge? Were you able to get more pictures with YOU in them?

Happy Sunday!

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