Friday, February 22, 2013

Fix It Friday

This is the view from my front door this morning. Snow cones fell from the sky all night long. That's right, that's not snow, it's a sheet of ice and it covers all the sidewalks and roads here in Indy. Icy roads= 2 hour school delay which was well received around here. It's so nice to sleep in every once in a while and have a nice relaxing morning. Everyone is in such a good mood when we don't have to rush for the bus!
This is the view of my crafty desk. Somewhere under that mess is a sewing machine and serger. The "stuff" on top is months and months of things needing fixing. It's full of things that need to be sewn or hot-glued. It's where the girls put everything they want mended, even the hubby has a pair of pants on there. The truth is that most of it has been there for a VERY LONG TIME. 
Last week Lo's most favorite stuffed dog needed her tail fixed. I told her to put it on the crafty desk and she burst into tears. "It'll NEVER get fixed if I put it there!!!" and she was totally right. Broken crafty things go there to never return. Until today. Today I am tackling the desk. If you need me today I'll be sewing on buttons, performing minor surgery on various stuffed animals and gluing broken doll furniture and hair bows. 

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