Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's A Boy! (more freezer paper stencil fun)

Last week we had a baby shower for a friend. She has two girls and #3 is a bouncing baby boy! I always think it's so much fun to make personalized gifts. One of my favorite crafty activities is freezer paper stenciling. The possibilities are endless and it's so much fun! For my full tutorial you can go {HERE}.

Little man is going to be named after his daddy, who is also named after HIS daddy, so he will be John III.

Oh boy so many fun ideas come to my mind!!!

Here are the ones I decided on...

There definitely is a mustache craze going on right now and I couldn't resist...
This one is my most favoritest!!! (...if you get the joke than you're my most favoritest and I'm going to take you to San Diego to eat a dolphin!...I like pizza!...Hi Steve!)
Package them all up real nice and purdy and you've got a super-duper fun and unique gift that didn't require any special crafting supplies!
Happy stenciling!


  1. You are so crafty and fun! Of course the triplet threat is my favorite (for different reasons:)

    1. We could easily make the boys shirts that say triple threat!