Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wall Of Fame 2

Little by little we are making our house a home.

When it comes to decorating I tend to take my time. I wait until inspiration comes to me. This is why there are SEVERAL blank walls in our house, but one by one I'm turing them into masterpieces.

A few weeks ago my neighbor and I tackled the wall by our staircase.
Yesterday we (me and my super-duper wonderful neighbor) worked on the wall in our upstairs hallway.

For the past two years the wall has looked like this:
Our amazing wedding picture hanging out by itself. It was the inspiration for the theme of silver and gold frames. Some of the frames I already had, but most came from our local Goodwill stores. A few were even painted with metallic paint.

The result was A-MAZ-ING!
All the credit for picture placement goes to my friend Kathleen. She has such a fantastic, natural skill for the placement of all things crafy. I sat back and let her work her magic. My job was handing the hammer and nails.

I love that this is the first thing you see when you walk in our front door!
I was able to display some of our favorite candid and formal pictures.
We also left a few spaces where we could add new pictures if we wanted.
I'm so in love and can't stop looking at it!!!

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  1. Kathleen is such a gem! It turned out great!