Friday, August 26, 2011

Goofus and Gallant

Goofus doesn't think it's important to use a napkin. She often thinks clothing doubles as a napkin.

Gallant has a totally meltdown if she gets on drop of food on her clothes.

Goofus is CONSTANTLY covered in sticky syrup, spaghetti sauce and glue.

Gallant can wear her clothes two days in a row and no one would ever know.

Goofus spills her milk DAILY.

Gallant literally cries over spilled milk.

For those of you with a Goofus in your life I want to share with you my laundry "secret." I NEVER pretreat a stain. I would spend ALL of my life treating stains if I did. After many loads of trial and error I have found this winning combination of laundry soap that takes out almost every stain Goofus brings my way.

1. Prewash laundry in Biz. My HE washer has a prewash function that is a huge life saver, but before the front load luxury, I kept a bucket in the laundry room. I would soak the stained clothes in water and Biz until laundry day and then throw everything into the wash.

2. I throw a Tide In-Wash Stain Release tablet into the wash. I wash with our normal laundry detergent in cold water.

3. BEFORE drying the clothes I check to make sure the stains are out. If a stain makes it into the dryer it will be set for life. Occasionally a stain will get by me, but Goofus is smart enough to cover it up with a brand new stain so no one ever knows!

**What are your stain fighting secrets? Please do share!**

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