Saturday, August 6, 2011

End Of Summer Hoopla!

Last night the girls' school had their end of summer party.

How can it be the end of summer??? It's barely August! But it's true...summer is almost over. Lo starts school in a little under two weeks, and some of the schools here in Indy have already started.

So to the End-of-Summer bash we went. The girls always have so much fun!

They had pony rides...

I LOVE NoJo's huge smile!!! She was so excited!

This year they also had a petting zoo. Lo was in HEAVEN! It was her favorite thing of the night.

Noa's favorite was the bounce-house. She would have stayed in there all night if she could have!

Lo got in there once or twice too!
There were games and art stations.
 They both decorated their own hat.

Both girls got their faces painted. NoJo picked a pink star and Lo got a custom designed rainbow bug.

They always have great food, but Noa prefers cookies and suckers.
This year they had a DJ too and the kids got to play musical games, hula-hoop and dance to their favorite songs. We heard lots of Justin Bieber, Miley and the cast of High School Musical.

It was a great family night and the end to a wonderful summer. It's hard to believe that fall is around the corner (especially since it's 90 almost every day), but we are looking forward to all the fun things that come with the colder weather like soup, watching the leaves change snow days, and snuggling on the couch.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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