Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Room Redo-The Cave

Last week I was given the opportunity to pretend I was a contestant on HGTV's Design Star. I was given a blank wall and a budget and it couldn't have been more fun!

The project was to redo the "Cave" at work. The cave is a small portion of my office where three nurses and a doctor squeeze in together.

Here is the Cave pre-makeover...dreary, drab and DE-PRESSING!

...and here it is today clean, calming and contemporary!
I started by painting the walls a dark gray. It's Better Homes and Garden "Driftwood" in an eggshell finish. It's calming and worked well with the furniture and textiles already in the room.

The inspiration for the colors came form my favorite floral fabric from Hobby Lobby. It's full of various shades of blue which coordinated well with the burgundy countertops and navy carpet. I covered 4 stretch art canvases with the fabric and then applied mod podge on top. The large letters are from Jo-ann Fabric and were painted navy to match the fabric. Each panel was hung using command strips.
All the frames came from Goodwill on their 50%-off Saturday. They cost less than $2 each. For the chalkboard I simply turned the picture around and sprayed the back with chalkboard paint. Now it's a great place for us to leave important, funny or inspiring messages for each other.
For our "11" (and inside joke at work) I covered the print with cotton batting and matching fabric. I then hot-glued painted wooden numbers onto the fabric.
The clothespin frame (find the tutorial {HERE}) was salvaged from a neighbor's trash. I spray painted it and again covered the picture in cotton batting and fabric. It's another great place where we can hang pictures or leave silly notes for each other.
The shelving came from Hobby Lobby (half off!!!) and the cork boards are from Wal-mart. You may notice that none of them are hung at the same height. This was on purpose and I trick I like to use. It is so difficult to get them all level. If they are off just a little it will look funny, but by having them at obviously different heights it looks intentional (which it was).

All the accessories also came from Jo-ann Fabrics. They were a steal at 70%-off! I love how organized and updated the Cave looks.

The best part was being able to pull a whole room together at once. Usually I work on a room little-by-little, gathering things here and there. I was able to pull it all together over the weekend and surprise my co-workers Monday morning.

So much fun!

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