Friday, August 5, 2011

Curtain Call

It's only taken me 5 months, but I FINALLY made my dining room curtains!!!

Remember my wonderful birdie fabric that I got for a total steal??? This week I got it out of the box and got down to business.

I'm so happy with how they turned out!
In the end I decided not to line them. Mainly because they are more for decor rather than function. Also, I didn't have any lining and I'm pretty sure if I had to go to the fabric store it would have taken me another 5 months to get them done!!!

I made them as simple as I could. I serged-hemed the sides and made a casing at the top for the curtain rod. I'm pretty sure once I had the panels cut it took me about an hour.

You have permission to mock me and roll your took me 5 months to make 1-hour curtains...completely ridiculous I know, but they are amazing so I totally forgive myself for my procrastination!

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  1. I love your new curtains! They turned out great!