Sunday, August 28, 2011

Garden Re-Cap

The garden was starting to look a little sad. Weeds had taken over and most of the "crops" had started to shrivel up and die. I hadn't eaten anything from my garden in over a sad as it was, it was time to say good-bye to the garden.

Here is what it's sad state looked like this morning.

After an hour of pulling weeds and getting attacked by a grasshopper, I declared garden season over.
This was only the second year we've had a family garden and like last year I spent some time reflecting on how things went. Again, there were some hits and misses, but overall we had a very successful year.

The Hits:

  • Juliet Tomatoes (they are like mini-romas)
  • Yellow Pear Tomatoes (hands down my FAVORITE this year!)
  • Golden Jubilee Tomatoes (I only got 3 the whole summer, but they were some of the juiciest, most delicious tomatoes I have ever had.)
  • Yellow Cherry Tomatoes
  • Basil (we have a well stocked freezer of homemade pesto)

***For some reason anything yellow grew very well in our garden

The Misses:

  • Roma Tomatoes (I got generic, yes they make generic plants, and I will NEVER do that again. All three plants were very disappointing! I didn't get to can one can of tomatoes this year-so very sad!)
  • Habaneros (The plants themselves did well, but they didn't grow many habaneros.)
  • Cherry Tomatoes in pots (They grew very tiny tomatoes that didn't taste very good. Next year everything gets planted in the ground or very large pots.)
The hits definitely outweigh the misses and the whole family got to enjoy lots of fresh tomatoes and herbs. Even though it's many months away I'm already looking forward to the next planting season!

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  1. I planted 5 different kinds of tomato plants this year and our favorite was the yellow pear tomatoes too! They were so sweet! Carson would just pop them in his mouth like candy. :)