Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mavala Stop Review

Since she was 3 months old Lo has sucked her thumb. As an infant it was wonderful. It was always there when she needed it. As she got older we knew it was going to be an EXTREMELY hard habit to break. Lo is a big rule follower so our first approach was to have her dentist tell her that once you turn 4 you have to stop sucking your thumb. To our surprise it actual first...She did really well when she was four. She tried so hard and we hardly ever saw her with her fingers in her mouth. For some reason when she turned five all bets were off. She was back to her old ways and didn't care if we caught her with her thumb in her mouth. We tried a few other tactics like telling her "why" she needed to stop (her teeth will stick out and look funny), but nothing seemed to work. That was until we saw the dentist again. He told us about. Mavala Stop. It's from Sweden and it's wonderful! You put in on like nail polish every few days. The bitter taste is a quick reminder to break the habit. We started it a few days ago and already the results are totally and completely AMAZING! We spent all day yesterday running errands and she didn't suck her thumb once! That never happens. She is so proud of her progress and I never would have dreamed that the change would occur so quickly!

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