Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Clothespin Photo Frame Tutorial

A few years ago I got this fabulous frame from Michael's in their "oops" section. It was only $8 for a 24 x 28 inch frame. WOW! Such a great deal.
I loved the faux zebra-like edges.
It had been sitting in the corner of my bedroom waiting for the perfect project. Last month I was lost in Bloggerland and came across this tutorial at Lemon Tree Creations and knew I found my frame's purpose.

To paint or not to paint was a huge decision for me. Literally I sat on it for days. In the end I decided to just go for it and paint. I chose a light cream color I found at Jo-ann Fabrics.
I wasn't very good about taking step-by-step pictures, but I'm sure you can figure it out. I covered foam board with a light quilt batting and then my fabric. I wrapped both around the foam board and used my hot glut gun to secure it.

I found this twine at Jo-ann Fabrics (I also got my mini clothespins there too), it was less than $2.
Using a 4x6 photo as a guide I hot-glued three strings of cord to the back of the frame. I recommend pulling it tighter than you think. The weight of the clothespins and pictures will bring it down a little. After the cord was secure I glued on the clothespins (looking back, this was unnecessary, they don't really need to be glued on). Then I attached the board to the frame with hot glue.

I LOVE the finished project!
I love the collage look of it. I'm thinking of adding two more rows of clothespins...I feel like it's a little too spread out.

You can use so much more than pictures too.

Sweet notes from your baby
Ticket stubs
And great candid shots of the family
The best part is that there is no real commitment. You can change things up as often as you'd like!

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