Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Don't Worry, About a Thing ('cause every little thing gonna be all right)

A few weeks ago I read this book to Lo. In one of the stories, Little Rose is so tired because she is awake all night worrying. Being a good friend, Riley makes her a set of worry dolls. Each night Rose tells her worries to her dolls. The dolls then stay awake worrying so that Rose can sleep. After finishing the book Lo decided that she also needed worry dolls for herself.

This crafty mama was happy to oblige!
I have to say, these were so much fun to make! I had a blast going through my crafty stash coming up with different ideas to make each doll unique. The only thing I needed to buy were the doll pins, after my Jo-ann's coupon they only cost me a few dollars.

Each one is different. I think the ballerina doll might be my favorite. I just love her tiny little tu-tu!
In honor of Lo's love for horses there is a cowgirl doll.
Complete with her own riding boots.
For this doll I used left over fabric from Lo's circle skirt. She loves that she and her doll can match!
You know all about my love of birds so I'm sure it's no surprise that at least one of the dolls is sporting some birdie fabric!
Lo was so sweet and gave this doll to her little sister (Little sisters only need one dolly because they don't have too many worries yet).
Lo was so excited when she got them! At bedtime last night she quietly whispered her worries to each doll, gently tucked them in bed and fell quickly asleep. I guess they worked!

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