Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Take Me On A Picnik

Even though my camera is only a few years old, it's totally ancient! I dream of the day when I have a SLR camera and can take pictures that I can be proud of. Until that day, I am thankful for my new BFF Picnik. Picnik is a FREE on-line photo editing site. Seriously, it has all the cool editing tools that you need.

This is what my picture looked like straight out of the camera

Even just "auto-correct" makes it so much better!
But why stop there?!?!

The "boost" gives your pictures a brilliant, colorful look and you can select just how "boosty" you want it to be!

With the vignette function you can add a soft boarder in any color you choose.
If you prefer aged photos than 1960s is your effect.
Orton-ish may be my favorite effect. So soft and bright.
In a silly mood? Picnik's got you covered!
So much fun and so very easy to use! Check it out!

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