Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chalkboard Paint O' Fun

Remember my latest craft run?
You already saw the adorable worry dolls I made from the doll pins. Today I'm sharing what I did with the glass jars and the wine glasses. Both were purchased at the dollar store making this a thrifty and fun project.

It also involves this wonderful can of goodness.
CHALKBOARD PAINT! I love it!!! It was $6.99 at Jo-ann Fabrics but I used a 50% off coupon so it was a total deal! Each can covers 12 square feet so it's going to last and it can be used on practically EVERYTHING! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

First I washed, dried and taped off my glass jars and wine glasses. I found this great trick on Thrifty Decor Chick's blog and it was such a time saver! (On a side note, if you haven't checked out her site YOU MUST! She gives great, and thrifty, ideas on home arrangements and projects-love her!) 

Now the trick...You wrap the parts you don't want sprayed in an old plastic bag! Saran Wrap would work too! So brilliant!
Take all your plastic wrapped pieces to a well-ventillated, wind-free area and follow the directions on the can. It is better to do several thin coats rather than one thick one. This will help you avoid drips.

Once all your pieces are sprayed they need to dry. I moved mine into our screened porch for an hour so that I didn't end up with any dirt or bugs stuck in the paint.
(Do you like the iron table? That was a Craig's List find last summer. It was $35 for the table, 4 chairs and 4 chair pads. Such a steal!!! It was white when I bought it, but a can of spray paint turned it into the beauty it is!)

Once everything was dry I carefully removed the masking tape. There were are few places on the wine glasses where the paint bled under the tape. Next time I will use a better quality tape like Frog Tape.
I was able to fix the edges with my Exacto knife.
Once the paint has cured for 24 hours you need to "season" the painted areas. To season the paint you gently rub chalk onto the painted areas and let it sit over night.
Once everything is seasoned you are all set!

I love these glass jars and lids from the dollar store. They only had 3 or else I would have bought more. They are perfect for the kitchen. They also had indented squares on the side so they were super easy to tape off.
This was a jelly jar that I had saved. I just soaked it in water and the label peeled off easily. It's new home is the crafty area.
I'm planning on saving more for this project. It's such a great space-saving idea!
Last but not least...the wine glasses. My friend Erin has a set of these and I LOVE them. It's such a clever idea! These glasses are also from the dollar store and are great. The glass is really thick and they are big, making them perfect for summer Sangria!
The painting possibilities are endless!

Have you already discovered the awesomeness of chalkboard spray paint? What chalkboard projects have you done? 

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