Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Bar Stools Are Finished...FINALLY

We all have 'em. That crafty project that keeps looming over your head. It's half started or half finished...depending on how you look at it. For me, the bar stools were a-loomin'. Enter my wonderful, loves-to-paint neighbor Kathleen. She was so eager for me to finish painting them so she could work her distressing magic that she came (thankfully) and whisked them away. Two days later...two beautifully distressed chairs!

Just to remind you, here is what the chairs looked like before.
The first step was priming them with my boyfriend. You know, the one that omits the sanding step. Love him!
And here is the amazing, post-Kathleen's magic reveal...
Oh my! She is so pur-dee and distressed (in a good way)! The color is Caribe by BEHR from Home Depot and a new fav of mine. Props go to Kathleen for picking the color too!

Kathleen sanded a few key areas for that distressed look. These are the chairs that my children will be sitting in and using their own "distressing" techniques so I didn't want them to look too perfect.

To get the antiqued, aged look she used Annie Sloan's dark wax. It is so cool! It's the consistency of butter and you can just brush it on. Not only does it give it a great look but it seals it too.

I love, love, love them and I'm more than pleased with how they turned out. I even let my children sit on them! The best part is that it inspired me to finish start the other refurbishing projects that I have piling up in the garage!

Have a great day and thanks for checking in!

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