Friday, March 4, 2011

Up-cycled Scrub Quilt

As  a nurse I've collected quite a few scrubs over the years. Since working for a pediatrician's office I rarely wear them. I had been hoarding my stash for awhile convinced that someday I'd find their purpose. That revelation came to me last week! We had some unseasonably warm weather here in the Midwest. All the snow melted and my girls were able to play outside and ride their bikes. It got my mind moving to spring and summer and all the fun activities they bring: picnics, swimming, outdoor sports and fun sunny days....and what do they all need???

A HUGE picnic blanket!!!

Here was my stash:

Using a cardboard square as my template I was able to get two 12in x 12in squares from each top. Then I laid them out to see how big of a blanket I could make.
I didn't really worry about placement. The squares are random. I just made sure two of the same prints weren't next to each other. I then sewed the top of the quilt together.
I was excited to find two canvas curtains in my crafty closet. They were off-white. Not the most ideal color but I didn't want to have to go out and by any fabric. Plus the bottom will get dirty no matter what color it is. I sewed two curtain panels together, right sides facing, to make one large piece slightly larger than the quilt top.

Putting the right sides together, I attached the top and bottom of the quilt together. I stitched around the edge leaving a 5 inch opening. I turned it right-side-out and used Heat 'n Bond Hem to close the opening. 

Instead of machine quilting I used the "Tie Quilt Technique" and used embroidery floss to tie knots where the squares intersect, but yarn would work as well.

I love that it is big enough for the whole family and it didn't cost me anything to make!!!

Now all we need is for spring to arrive!

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