Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Cut Above The Rest

So I finally did it. I broke down and bought a good pair of sewing scissors. Sure the breaking of my old ones pushed me into the purchase, but regardless IT WAS TIME! They happened to break at crafty night and I borrowed a pair of these wonderful shears from my friend Erin (she was lucky to get them back!) and it was love at first cut!

My new ones are lovely! They are AMAZING! I can't believe how I've been able to be crafty without them!

They have a lifetime warranty and the bent handle makes for easy cutting. Totally worth every penny!

Please meet my new baby:

You like? You can get your own {HERE}. Don't forget to use the weekly coupon for a pretty sweet deal!

...and please don't forget...SEWING SCISSORS ARE FOR FABRIC ONLY!

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