Friday, March 11, 2011

Custom Charging Station

I found this treasure guessed it...GOODWILL!

It was $4.99 and I happened to be a the store when EVERYTHING was 50% off. Lucky day! I had been looking for one for our bedroom, but hadn't really found one that I liked.

This similar one sells for $49.99 at Target. Clearly I got the better deal!

The first step was to get it ready. I peeled off all the gross black felt.

The hardware needed to be removed prior to painting.
Using my adhesive remover, I took off all the sticky left-over residue.
The station isn't made of wood, but it needed a light sanding so the paint had something to adhere to.
I primed the piece w/ a light pink paint (I didn't have any white paint on hand). I didn't really care about the brush strokes because I wanted it to have a stained, distressed look.
My wonderful neighbor happened to have purple/gray paint that matched our comforter exactly. I wanted it to have a stained appearance so I used a damp cotton t-shirt to apply the paint.
This is what it looked like after the first coat. I used a small paintbrush to get in the corners and cover up the pink paint that was still showing.
I didn't want it to look too purple so I watered down black paint and rubbed it over the purple paint. I used another damp t-shirt to wipe of the excess black paint.
It toned down the color and gave it the distressed, aged look I was hoping for.

I then when the the crafty closet for my Heat n' Bond, felt and fabric.
I used the Heat n' Bond to attach the fabric to the felt.
Using my rotary cutter I cut out the rectangles for the top of the station.
I used  my (pink) hot glue gun to attach the fabric to the top of the box.
Love the finished product!
The fabric matches perfectly!

Plenty of room for all our electronics without the mess of cords!


  1. PERSONALIZED I love it! Thanks for sharing! You're welcome to come over and see some fun crafts and amazing reupholstery.

  2. I love this!!! Thanks for sharing!! "my" Goodwill has midnight madness tomorrow night so I'm looking for ideas of things to "remake".