Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love Story

I blame Taylor Swift.

I've never actually met her but I feel like she is always around.

My girls have fallen HARD for T. Swift and it's hard to spend more than 5 minutes in our house without hearing her name or her music floating through the air.

They love her music, they love her hair, they just LOVE her!

Hence the NEED for curly Taylor Swift hair.

And so one night "Operation Taylor Swift Curly Hair" began...

 As you can tell by my face it was a very serious task
Is it my turn yet?!?!?

After much wiggling Lo was finally done

NoJo used the time to work on her acting...

Happy face
Angry Face
(I hope she remembers to thank me in her Oscar acceptance speech!)

And the next day...

Oh so curly and oh so Taylor Swifty!

And you cannot be T. Swift with out a guitar...

They spent the rest of the day playing the guitar and working on their Taylor Swift lyrics. I really can't blame them for their Taylor crush. She's beautiful, has a great voice and, as Lo has pointed out, she can sing AND play the guitar-AT THE SAME TIME!

I love that it's a love they share. They spend hours dancing and singing together.

I love watching their sisterlyness!


  1. I love this!! It makes me sad to think of the awesome concert that could have been. :(