Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Junk Door

I saw this idea on the Today Show a few years back.

We all have the infamous junk drawer where you put all your odd n' ends to never be seen or heard from again. This idea is similar except you get to see all your junk which increases the odds of remembering that you have it and you may actually use it again.

It's such a simple idea...a clear over-the-door shoe rack.

I use it for EVERYTHING...and I mean EVERYTHING!

Art supplies

Random electrical stuff and hardware bits n' pieces

Sunscreen, flash lights and apparently gum...

Tools and our endless supply of "designer" glues

It really is amazing how much stuff these little things can hold! They are also great inside a pantry door for spices and the small envelopes of seasoning that often fall through the wire shelving. You could use the bottom packets for easily accessible snacks for the kids. And what about the playroom??? Imagine how many Barbies and accessories or Matchbox cars would fit in there if you put one on the back of the playroom door! They work anywhere in the house!

Happy organizing!!!

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