Friday, March 25, 2011

Proud Mama Moment

Anyone with kids know that as much as you're not supposed to compare them to each's just do it. Often without realizing it...

Our oldest tends to take after her Mama. A perfectionist, gets easily upset when things don't go as she planned and is always eager to show off her skills. She craves structure and organization.

In comparison, my youngest is much more easy going, very independent, marches to her own band and does NOT like to show how smart she is. If she even gets a hint that you are quizzing or testing her she automatically goes to silly mode.

When I wasn't looking she did this:
It's her name. N-O-A. I was so proud! We had no idea that she was even close being able to do it...that little stinker!

Of course I made the mistake of praising her for her hard work and she just laughed and said, "It says bootie" and ran off...

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