Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Long Run Diaries-Week 13

Oh my has it been crazy around here! Last week we were quarantined and I'm pretty sure I lost my mind! I had one little one with the flu, another with the flu and an ear infection and just when I thought we were in the clear, the third came down with strep. On top of that, the hubby was out of town all week...seriously I. Lost. My. Mind. I "think" I have recovered, although yesterday Noa told me my "brain wasn't working" so I'm not entirely sure I'm 100% myself. In the midst of all the illness I still had to find time to run and had many dates with my treadmill to get all my miles in. Lucky for me the hubby returned in time for my long run. I definitely needed some alone time with me and the pavement to clear my head. 

Week 13
19miles (woo-hoo!!!)
10:14 pace

After the unpleasant 18 mile run a few weeks ago I was a little nervous about this week's run. What if I couldn't get my head where it needed to be? What if it was another 3 hours of misery? What if I couldn't finish? As I've mentioned before, it's the mental "game" that's the hardest. I don't have many complaints about the run except the weather. I am so looking forward to wearing a normal amount of clothes on a run! Double pants and double gloves is getting a little old! The first 9 went by quickly, there was plenty of conversation to keep my mind off the run and the weather, though cold, wasn't too unpleasant. The way back gave us a lovely head wind which in turn kicked in my asthma and gave me an oh so pleasant persistent cough and wheeze (Note to self, bring inhaler with you). We decided to run with our music on the way back and it was a nice change of pace. I let the music take over and my feet just did what they needed to do. By the end of the 19 I was pretty sore but still had enough energy left to sprint at the end. I recovered pretty well too and even had time for a little nap-ahhhh. This week was my last mid-week 8 mile run. YAY! I just couldn't push the jogger one more time so I loaded up the DVR and hit the treadmill. So glad to have that checked off my to-do list!

This week starts the 4 week tapering down to the big "show." I have one more long long-run (20 miles) before the longest of them all-the marathon. I can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm starting to get both nervous and excited. I just keep visioning myself crossing the finishing line, both upright and smiling!

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