Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Long Run Diaries-Week 12

(Thanks Keely-love this!!!)
This week had some wonderful qualities to it. First, it was a taper week. Whoo hoo!!! "Only" 13 miles for a long run-love it! Second, it was actually somewhat warm out! Double whoo hoo. I only had to wear one pair of pants and didn't need a hat, jacket or gloves. Such a wonderful feeling. I also ran by myself. I need that. I had been in a serious funk and I think I needed some alone time on the pavement with my thoughts and my music. I just plugged in, tuned out and let my feet take the lead. I had a great run, mapped out a new route and had a pretty decent time!

13.08 miles
9:22 pace

I've got about a month left of training and I can feel it all coming to a close. We have two really long runs left, 19 this week and 20 in two weeks and only one more 8 mile mid-week run. I'm feeling ready. It's been a long journey for the whole family and I think we're all ready to have our lives return to normal. The hubby and I were discussing it the other day and we think when people think of running a marathon they just focus on how far it is and not how much of a commitment it is to EVERYONE involved. You have to make a lot of sacrifices. I definitely think it's worth it and will be so proud of myself when I cross that finish line, but I am so looking forward to sleeping in on a Sunday morning!

Have a great Wednesday! It's been  a little crazy around here. I've had two sick kiddos and everyone home at once has made us all a little stir-crazy! Hope you are all having a happy and healthy week!

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