Tuesday, March 5, 2013

GG is 9 Months!!!

Our little man turned 9 months old this week! Not only is he the cutest baby ever, he's HUGE!

Weight: 19lbs, 10oz (34%)
Height: 29in (73%)
Head Circumference: 17.5in (25%)

He's a big eater too! No baby food for our little guy. He love the big boy stuff. He's starting to feed himself a little so he's also a big mess most of the time.
It's so amazing to see his little personality develop! He loves his sisters so much and his little face lights up whenever he sees them. He thinks Noa is hilarious and she can get his giggles going immediately. Lo can get him to talk, he loves repeating what she has to say. She was the first one to get him to say her name. "La-La" came out clear as a bell! He also has said "illk" for milk, "da" for dog and "bite" came out yesterday when he was sternly told "no bite!"
He's on the move so naturally he's into EVERYTHING and of course it all goes into his mouth. We've fished quite a few things out of his little chompers. He loves to pull himself up and gets so proud of himself when he does. 
He's still my Mama's Boy. He has learned to "snuggle" and knows that he is cute when he does it so he snuggles every chance he gets. Now that he can crawl he can come and find me when ever he wants, that makes him a very happy baby. He also gives lots of slobbery kisses which we're all happy to accept!
We love our little GG so much and all the joy and happiness he has brought to our family!

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