Sunday, March 24, 2013

Long Run Diaries-Week 14

Because this is the forecast for today...
We decided to squeeze our long run in yesterday when it was sunny and in the mid 40s. Runs are instantly better when you only have to wear one pair of pants!

Week 14
11.75 miles
9:31 pace

Yesterday just confirms that I am a early morning runner! I have my routine down and both myself and my body and happy with it. Because I work Saturday mornings we needed to run in the afternoon. We certainly couldn't have asked for better running weather. It was sunny, hardly any wind and it was in the mid 40s. Despite this awesomeness, my belly was all sorts of awful. I didn't know what or how much to eat before, and Lo's school had their pancake breakfast that morning so I didn't really start off my day with a running-friendly meal! For most of the run my stomach was cramping and felt heavy. I also had to stop and use the restroom along the way-UGH! I am very thankful we only had to run 12 miles!!! Even with all my belly issues I was still able to enjoy the run. There was plenty of conversation and we had a great overall pace. 

Next week is the final LONG long run of 20 miles. Since 19 went well I feel confident that it will be okay. As of now, the weather looks like it will be warm and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will stay that way. This week's mid-week runs are all 5s which makes me so happy! I can do them on the tready if needed and won't eat up too much of my day!   

As for today, I am SO enjoying my first Sunday morning at home in a long time! They hubby and I had this conversation this morning:

Hubby: You don't know about this. This is a new experience for you.
Me: (confused) What?
Hubby: Sitting at home at 8:45am on a Sunday

Ahhh, yes, noting better than sitting a home on a Sunday morning in your jammies drinking a Diet Coke!

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