Saturday, March 23, 2013

Math & Science Night

A few weeks ago Lo's school hosted a math and science night. It was AWESOME! There were tons of different booths, experiments and displays. There also were quite a few high school students there sharing their love of science. Both girls were in heaven, especially Lo. We were there for over two hours and could have stayed for two more if they would have let us. I love that the girls are so interested in science. They both were not shy about asking lots of questions and spent a lot of time at each booth. They made their mama so proud!!!

The first area they went to was probably my least favorite. Ugh! It was full of crawly things with lots of legs. They loved it so much they went there twice.

This game totally reminded me of David Letterman's "Will It Float?" They got to put a bunch of different things into a bucket of water to see if if would float or sink.
The weather area was pretty neat too. The black box on the table would make tornados and the metal ball and wand would simulate thunder and lightening. It also made Noa's hair stick up which was pretty cool too!

Hands down, the remote control robots were Lo's favorite. They were designed and built by two high school students which is so impressive. Both boys were very engaging with the kids and happy to talk about their robots. I pretty much had to pry the controller out of Lo's hand!

Noa's favorite was the table about oil spills. They had cups of water and oil to show how it feels when you get oil on your skin and how it's harmful to the animals in the ocean. Noa just liked drenching both hands in the oil over and over and over again. Luckily they had a large roll of paper towels! Lo liked this one too and asked LOTS of questions about the oil spill and the animals. She was genuinely worried and wanted to know how something like that could have happened.
MY favorite was the area hosted by a local nursing college (shocker I know). It was AWE-SOME! I could have played there all day!!! They had two simulated patients. They were so cool! It's so amazing at how far technology has come in the past few years. We certainly didn't have anything like that when I was in nursing school. The "patient" had all different lung sounds that the girls could listen to and when his oxygen went too low his lips would turn blue! The eyes also constricted when the girls flashed the light in them. They got to perform CPR and took turns listening to the heartbeat and lung sounds. There are lots of other cool things that the "patient" can do too. He has drug recognition so when students are practicing giving meds he actually knows if they give him the wrong one! Can you tell how much I loved him!

GG was there too and he was the best little baby and stayed happy in his stroller most of the night!
It was such a fun and educational night and we are all looking forward to next year!!!

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