Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"Unexpected" Snow Day

Even though my most favorite-est weatherman Chuck told me we were going to get a lot of snow, I didn't believe him (I'm so sorry Chuck! I'll never doubt you again!!!). Imagine my surprise when I awoke to this beautiful scene:
My little shadow and I had to take advantage while GG took his nap. We're expecting it to warm up in the next few days so it's not going to last for very long. Sadly it's already starting to melt. Noa had so much fun making snowballs, sweeping and raking the snow and of course, eating her weight in snow! While she was playing I shoveled our driveway and side walk (one of my favorite winter workouts) and occasionally threw snowballs her way. It was a nice fun break from being inside all morning! 

I even bribed convinced her to let me take a few snowy day pictures of her with my big girl camera. She's not the easiest model, pretty much always on the move, but I'm pretty pleased with how they came out and she was happy to earn an extra treat! I was able to adjust the White Balance and Aperture all by myself which is a big accomplishment for me. 

 This is by far my favorite! It captures her feisty personality perfectly!
Oh boy do I love my little Monkey!

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