Monday, March 11, 2013

Date Night-Skate Night

This weekend I had the most amazing double date. Check out these cuties!
Lo has been wanting to go ice skating for a very long time. I always pushed it off because I really thought they were too young and uncoordinated and would get frustrated. Boy was I wrong. They did great and had so much fun! I was so impressed by how easily they picked it up. 
Lo is usually timid in new activities, but several times she let go of my hand and skated a bit on her own. She told me she was proud of herself and said she can't wait to go again.
Don't let Noa's hugging-the-wall pose fool you. I kept having to pull her over to the side because she kept trying to go to the middle with all the fast skaters! She was pulling me around the rink most of the time. She asked more than once for skating lessons! I guess she had a great time!
Of course you can't have a fun date night without dessert!
Thank you Miss Noa for this great shot of Mommy and Daddy!
It was such a wonderful night and I can't wait until our next double date. The girls were exhausted at the end of the night and both fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows.

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