Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Favorite-Better Oats

Oh what. A. Week! The hubby was in Boston this week for work and it seemed like the girls had a million and one activities! We ate Subway two nights in a row for dinner. That's pretty much unheard of around here. Needless to say, the girls were thrilled! At least it was somewhat healthy...

With all my training the same "healthy" meals week after week are getting a little boring. I've been searching for new ideas. Last week a had a coupon for Better Oats oatmeal and I thought I'd give it a try. 
I'll be honest, I was totally leery at first and if I didn't have a coupon I probably wouldn't have tried them. Steel cut oats make me gag and I was worried these would taste the same. 

Oh YUM! They were good! 

They are super easy to make, under 3 minutes on the stovetop or in the microwave, and come in a TON of (like 30) flavors! I picked Lavish Dark Chocolate and Abundance Apples and Cinnamon. They are full of whole grain oats and when you look at the ingredient list you recognize the ingredients as actual foods! The two I picked were under 200 calories per serving and under 3 grams of fat. For a big breakfast eater like me the serving size seemed puny, but it kept me full all morning! I can't wait to try some of the other flavors like Spiced Chai and Pomegranate! I found them at Meijer but I've seen them at Target too so I'm sure they're pretty much anywhere you can buy oatmeal! If you try them let me know what flavor you get! We can compare notes. I also think it would be fun to mix a few different flavors to make a totally new one! With 30 different kinds there are a TON of possibilities! 
*This is an unpaid shout-out for Better Oats. They don't know me, I just wanted to share some yummy goodness I found!*

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