Thursday, January 17, 2013

Grease Is The Word

I don't know if there really is anything more wonderful than bacon. It truly may be the most amazing thing in the world. Seriously, what doesn't taste better with bacon?!?! Um nothing, that's what...

Due to it's high status on the unhealthy list we don't have it very often around here and when we do it, doesn't last long. I have a few new recipes to try that require a little bit of cooked bacon so I indulged and bought two pound and got frying. Check in next week to see the new recipes. I'm really excited about them and REALLY hope they turn out as delicious as they sound. 

As you can imagine, two pounds of bacon lead to A LOT of bacon grease. I found this cool trick to dispose of the grease awhile back and wanted to share. It's one of those "why didn't I think of that" ideas and now I no longer have glass jars full of bacon grease sitting under my sink!

First take a small bowl or dish and line it with foil.
Carefully pour the hot grease into the foil. I recommend doing this over the sink.
Let it sit overnight until the grease solidifies.
Fold the foil into a ball (or swan if you're fancy)...
...and toss it into the garbage.
Easy. Peasy.


  1. Alternately, you could KEEP all of that bacon grease (like our parents did, back in the day) and use it to fry up potatoes! I won't say it's healthy, but it is GOOD :)

    1. My parents took it a step further and fried our eggs in the grease. We called them "camping eggs." So yummy, but artery cloggers for sure!