Monday, January 28, 2013

The Long Run Diaries-Week 6

Oh do I L-O-V-E,  LOVE a taper week!!! Our long run this week was only 9 miles. It's so nice to have an easier week every once in a while. Not only does it help your body adjust and become stronger, but I think it helps you mentally too. Next week the mileage increases quite a bit, not just on the long run, but the mid-week runs too. I'm getting myself prepared, it's really going to start getting serious real soon!

Week 5
9.2 miles
10:43 pace

It was a pretty cold morning and very windy. At one point I couldn't feel the left side of my face and I was very happy that I wore two pairs of pants! Overall I felt strong and it was a good run. I did make a few changes after a few recommendations from a friend and fellow runner. She had experienced some of the same issues that I had been having on my runs such the gut rot and exhaustion/recovery issues. She recommended two thing that had helped her during her trainings. Big thank you Maureen!!! (If anyone ever has any suggestions or recommendations send them my way! I'm a newbie at this whole marathon thing and I welcome your help!)

The first was *Hammer Electrolytes. They are electrolyte pills. (They do NOT have any stimulants, they are just electrolytes.) I love that they are pills and I don't have to guzzle a big Gatorade. You take them before, during, and after exercising. I tried them yesterday and my recovery was much better. Of course my run was shorter so that could have effected my recovery too, but my belly didn't get that sick-to-my-stomach feeling that I sometimes get after drinking too much of the sweet Gatorade. For those who prefer a drink they also come in powder form.

She also recommended *Honey Stinger Waffle bars instead of Gu. These were DELICIOUS! They taste just like waffle cones. They come in different flavors and are the same price as a Gu. As she suggested, before my run I broke it into pieces and put them in a zip-lock bag. This made it much easier to eat while on the run. They are very light and sat well in my stomach. I'm so glad I bought a few of these because they have become one of my running staples!

(*I found both at REI and they are also available at Amazon.) 

Another thing I am SO happy I found is my Camelbak Insulated Tubing. I've been having a few issues with the water freezing in the tubing during runs on super cold days. There's noting worse than being thirsty with a huge pack of water on your back and not being able to use it! I purchased the Camelbak Insulated Tubing (Note this only works if your Camelbak bladder has the "Quick Link" system.) from Amazon and it worked great! It will also come in handy this summer when the weather gets warm. Not only does it keep the water from freezing, but it also keeps it from getting warm.

I will say that my diet was AWFUL this week (...should you take your electrolyte pills with Diet Coke?!?!) so I was very thankful for a taper week. I will not survive this week eating what I did last week! As with most people, I find when our week is crazy I'm eating on the go. It's hard to be a mindful eater when your mind is running a mile a minute trying to remember everything that has to get done. My goal for this week is to really think about what I'm eating and how it will effect my training. I'm pretty good the days before a long run, but with the mid-week mileage increasing too it needs to be something I think about every day!

Have a wonderful Monday! It's unseasonably warm and rainy today so it's definitely a cozy-on-the-couch Jammie Day for us!

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