Monday, January 21, 2013

Snow and Ice Cream On a Monday

This is the view of my front yard today...
I knew it was going to be FREEZING cold the next few days, but the snow was a pleasant surprise! I love how beautiful and clean everything looks when snow is falling. There is just a wonderful peacefulness about it.

Lo didn't have school today so I took everyone out to breakfast as a special treat. I was thinking bagels, but the girls wanted their favorite breakfast place, Sunrise Cafe. As a HUGE fan of breakfast how could I say no?
The girls have been getting along so amazingly well lately. Playing together so nicely and at breakfast they were so polite to each other. "Noa may I please have a bite of your pancakes?" and "Would you like to try my cinnamon toast?" were some of the wonderful phrases I heard this morning.
GG was in a great mood too! He had pancakes for the first time and it's no surprise that he loved them so much!
Since Lo is a super-star reader she saw right away that they had chocolate ice cream on the menu. She asked VERY politely if they could share a bowl. Initially I said no, it's 9:30am and 4 degrees outside there's no need for ice cream, but then I realized that these special moments where the 3 of us are together are very few these days. Between school, work and activities we're often in the "divide and conquer mode" so I changed my mind! I wish I could have gotten a picture of the servers face when Noa politely asked for a bowl of chocolate ice cream-it was priceless!
We had such a fun morning and I love that we could spend some quality Girl (and GG) Time together!

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